Ameda Elite® Breastpump

This durable hospital-grade pump features:

  • Perfect engineering for long-term use, including establishing and maintaining milk production
  • CustomControl™ Unlike single-dial pumps, the Elite has separate vacuum and cycle dials, so it doesn’t make decisions for mothers or limit their choices. This microprocessor-controlled pump lets mothers “follow their flow” to find their own most effective pump settings every time and, like a breastfeeding baby, achieve a “multi-phase” experience
  • Whisper-quiet operation and automatic suction and release for the ultimate ease of use and effectiveness
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable—weighs only 6 pounds
  • Convenient to carry and easy to clean and operate
  • Compatible with all Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems, which have Proven Airlock Protection™ to keeps milk and moisture from entering narrow, hard-to-clean tubing while pumping. All kit parts are without BPA and DEHP.
  • Built-in double holders to securely support milk bags or bottles of any size after pumping
  • Single or double pumping
  • Soft-sided Elite Carrying Bag (available separately) is sized to hold the Elite, milk collection kit, freezer packs, and expressed milk


  • $20/week
  • $60/month