Breastfeeding Consultation

Breastfeeding Consultation


A Breastfeeding consultation includes:

  • assessment of mother and infant
  • taking a detailed health and feeding history
  • weighing the infant to assess weight gain/loss
  • observation of full feeding session
  • hands on assistance to maximize feeding skills and comfort

Milk intake at the breast is accurately measured by weighing the infant before and after nursing (with clothes) using a precise scale which measure up to half a teaspoon.

After the full assessment and measurement of milk transfer, the lactation consultant will suggest a feeding plan to best fit with mom’s and infant’s needs. The initial consultation may last between 60-90 minutes and should be coordinated with baby’s feeding time.

Breastfeeding success depends on several factors and one consultation may not be enough.  In an effort to support and promote breastfeeding follow-up visits are provided free of charge for customers.     

Charges: $159 for initial consultation with free follow ups for self-paying customers

We accept Visa/Master Card/Discover/Check/Cash

Insurance Billing: Direct insurance billing for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, State of Illinois  Medicaid/AllKids/MomBaby Insurance and Medicare customers. 

For customers with other health insurance we can offer an itemized superbill that can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement. 

We are an authorized AllKids Application Agent. We will do the application process for Families who wish to enroll in State of Illinois AllKids insurance.


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